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Press Release

Chinese Enterprises Offshore Financing and HK Bond Market --

Chinese Real Estate Companies Credit Outlook

24th May 2017        Grand Ballroom · Grand Hyatt Hong Kong


We cordially invite you to attend the Seminar on “Chinese Enterprises Offshore Financing and HK Bond Market” organized by China Chengxin International Credit Rating and China Chengxin (Asia Pacific) Credit Ratings., which will be held at 2:00pm on 24th May 2017 at The Grand Ballroom of Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.

As an important international financial center, Hong Kong has been the major offshore financing channel for Chinese companies. Chinese real estate companies are the pioneer to enter the global capital markets and occupy an important position in Hong Kong’s capital markets. There are different views on the credit capacity of Chinese real estate corporations that it is important to review and analyze their credit risks.

Being the international platform of China Chengxin Credit Rating Group, China Chengxin (Asia Pacific) Credit Ratings Company Limited ("CCXAP") is committed to providing objective and independent credit assessment on the credit strength of the Chinese corporations which issue debts in the international market.

The seminar will bring together executives from real estate companies and financial institutions to deliver speeches and share their views on the latest development of the Chinese real estate market and the capability of financing by debts of Chinese property companies.

Complimentary seats are strictly limited and are on first come first served basis. Please confirm your place by email to for confirmation. (Please see the attached programme).