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24 November 2017


CCX Summit on “Opportunities and Risks along the Belt & Road under the New Globalization Strategy” was successfully held


The CCX Summit on "Opportunities and Risks along the B&R under the New Globalization Strategy" which was jointly organized by the China Chengxin International Credit Rating Co., Ltd. (“CCXI”), VIS Group and Euromoney, was successfully held on Thursday 23rd November in Beijing. Discussion on various core issues including country risks along the Belt & Road (“B&R”) routes, investment opportunities and risk identification, together with interconnection of financial and credit rating markets were held. The CCX Group released the “Country risk report along the Belt and Road (2017)” as well.


The welcoming speech was given by the Founder of the China Chengxin Group and Co-Director of Institute of Economic Research of Renmin University of China, Dr. MAO Zhenhua. Dr. Mao mentioned that under the new worldwide political and economic pattern, measurement of risks and opportunities along the B&R countries is still the priority among corporates investment strategic decision. Meanwhile, there is a far-reaching significance of collaborative promotion and development for credit rating markets with the B&R countries to enhance the international discourse right of emerging markets. The Chairman of CCXI, Mr. YAN Yan, announced the “Country risk report along the Belt and Road (2017)” and provided professional interpretation on risks along the B&R countries.


International representatives from Association of Credit Rating Agencies in Asia (“ACRAA”), Islamic Development Bank and Pakistan Stock Exchange, together with representatives from Pak China companies, Sany Group, industry association and think tanks gave the keynote speeches and discussion on investment opportunities & risk analysis for Chinese corporations along the B&R.


During the summit CCXI and VIS Group mutually signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Both parties will jointly focus on research and collaboration on rating techniques, methodologies and credit ratings, in order to explore and enhance the interconnection of credit rating and financial markets along the B&R countries, which leads to the reinforcement of credit rating position of the emerging markets.