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CCXI ranked the top for four consecutive years in National Development and Reform Commission Evaluation Result

As at 21st October 2019, National Development and Reform Commission (“NDRC”) announced the “Notice of Credit Rating Result of Corporate Bond Underwriters and Credit Rating Institutions 2018” (“Notice”), China Chengxin International Credit Rating Company Limited (“CCXI”) scored 91.32 and ranked as the top for four consecutive years. CCXI is the only credit rating institution scored over 90 and ranked the top since the establishment of the evaluation conducted by NDRC. The result of the “Notice” fully affirmed CCXI’s contribution and excellent performance on credit rating of corporate bonds.


A total of 6 credit rating institutions provided credit rating services in 2018 were being evaluated this year. The evaluation system strictly followed the principle of objectiveness, fairness, scientific norms, and integration of quantitative and qualitative factors. Evaluation was conducted by designated agencies and experts based on multi-dimensional aspects, such as credit status, professional ability, business compliance, rating services quality and etc., The “Notice” encouraged and supported the works on corporate bonds. Moreover, NDRC will provide better opportunities and conditions on policy research, innovation and business guidance.


Credit rating of corporate bond has significant meaning for advancing the construction of corporate bonds credit system and protects the health of corporate bond market. As the market leader, CCXI always insists on being the most professional independent credit rating service provider with extensive recognition from various local and international institutions.


The content of original “Notice” (only Chinese):