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Ratings Performance

Historical Rating Performance of CCXAP:


At present, CCXAP does not disclose rating performance as effective rating samples are very limited and considered insufficient to provide meaningful or valid statistical results.


Historical Rating Performance of Associated Companies:


China Chengxin International Credit Rating Co., Ltd. (“CCXI”)

2019: https://www.ccxi.com.cn/creditrating/document/documentDetail/1679

2020: https://www.ccxi.com.cn/creditrating/document/documentDetail/1676

2021: https://www.ccxi.com.cn/creditrating/document/documentDetail/1700

2022: https://www.ccxi.com.cn/creditrating/document/documentDetail/1807


*CCXI is an affiliated company of CCXAP that carries out credit rating activities in Mainland China. CCXI’s rating performance does not include CCXAP’s rating results and does not indicate any existing or future rating performance of CCXAP.